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To store (and trade later on) your Bitcoins online, you need a specific and encrypted wallet, place where your Bitcoins are safe. Another way to see this is like a PayPal account. Place where you trade with and store your money. It is even described as a bank account that, instead of currencies, it stores Bitcoins - which I think is a lovely way to relate them. The most common solution for a Bitcoin wallet address is Blockchain.

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5400% faster than any other mining platform or software.

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Payout History - Last 25


3/2/2021 1G1dVNUHAEB3nHySLYpbuHaaWmrF5NYXv1 9.47 BTC
3/2/2021 1G1dVNUHAEB3nHySLYpbuHaaWmrF5NYXv1 3.74 BTC
3/2/2021 3EcGcgBvMBAtRQfYCt5S3jF5kjYddUgx6p 6.04 BTC
3/2/2021 1HonipQ9SGVFkzAWh97FdRPunMvRVYffMf 1.41 BTC
3/2/2021 12i7A7XRL8hpNfxZT9Y5KnoPUtwZvWpahC 8.34 BTC
3/2/2021 1NDyJtNTjmwk5xPNhjgAMu4HDHigtobu1s 6.60 BTC
3/2/2021 1JL31tjaD3tqsHk2UgdqSpZYxSDkrqXCY9 6.38 BTC
3/2/2021 1M5HhMqqjY8aMGvtd8FhDSLNnLv2fazjHT 3.17 BTC
3/2/2021 3GCm5ZahM6CPPNTzEHtF6uV2z8H9qvLEEy 2.93 BTC
3/2/2021 13byMcDPivr2fSnG1ZetpRC2gY7NiNTwJA 3.05 BTC
3/2/2021 1F9GWJkfuZauJbyJM7hGPgGMbwGrZaD8kF 4.58 BTC
3/2/2021 3JbjU2amWU6AcqB3mE7pT2KD5P8PLJ2foa 0.86 BTC
3/2/2021 1E3HvPGbSsdYNDjVPD6Qqh4kE2oWPqgbQG 3.48 BTC
3/2/2021 3Bvrxi2B6jJphtMZrt23bf2T9BVT1YYpyx 5.72 BTC
3/2/2021 15yB7aLrRdHp8uJWLTZPDu1FvFSZ4nmeFY 0.81 BTC
3/2/2021 12Tt2hCjDbSPM1ZkQo3FGNiKQc2wsLzXzC 0.72 BTC
3/2/2021 12Tt2hCjDbSPM1ZkQo3FGNiKQc2wsLzXzC 7.81 BTC
3/2/2021 3JbjU2amWU6AcqB3mE7pT2KD5P8PLJ2foa 3.87 BTC
3/2/2021 1JL31tjaD3tqsHk2UgdqSpZYxSDkrqXCY9 3.25 BTC
3/2/2021 1NBGdDjcaCzrywE2qrdhjGq83AQqd8yCMR 2.35 BTC
3/2/2021 3GCm5ZahM6CPPNTzEHtF6uV2z8H9qvLEEy 3.24 BTC
3/2/2021 12Tt2hCjDbSPM1ZkQo3FGNiKQc2wsLzXzC 0.55 BTC
3/2/2021 12Tt2hCjDbSPM1ZkQo3FGNiKQc2wsLzXzC 3.32 BTC
3/2/2021 3QMSziGy3x8giKiBF8Yaet2R3CcPVz3NJD 7.89 BTC
3/2/2021 3QMSziGy3x8giKiBF8Yaet2R3CcPVz3NJD 9.84 BTC

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Step-by-Step Instructions

The process for producing Bitcoins (BTC), also known as Bitcoin mining, is when a user generates (adds) Bitcoin to his/her Wallet address. This Bitcoin generation process, referred to as a Bitcoin Hack, has widely impacted the cryptocurrency community. This Bitcoin Generator uses safe TLS connection, adding free BTC to your account without being traced by anyone. The connection can't be intercepted, which makes it safe for you to use Your wallet address.

NOTE: If you don't have a Wallet address, scroll the website for instructions below!
Bitcoin Generator TLS connection

With the rise of the Bitcoin, an enormous necessity for Bitcoin generation emerged. Through 2017, Bitcoin doubled it's price 4 times. The main reason for this was the high amount of this Bitcoin generation virtue. How, you may ask? Well, the answer is simple. Every generation process represents a new transaction. Every transaction is verified by other machines, solving complex mathematical equations. With that, each user pays a small transaction free to the one that approves the transaction. By increasing the number of transactions, you increase the value of the Bitcoin.

How to Use the Bitcoin Generator Tool

Bitcoin Generator Free adds and stores your Bitcoins in a special designed Bitcoin addresses, also known as wallets. First, you need your own personalized Bitcoin wallet to get started. The creation process is quite easy (tutorial coming soon!).

This tool has been developed by professionals, to make sure everything runs smoothly on a daily basis. Usage is quite simple. Input your wallet addres, verify the mining fee process and add the funds to your wallet account. If you find it difficult, don't worry. Follow this simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Slide the desired BTC you want to obtain.
  2. Enter Your Wallet Address on the "Wallet Address" field. You can find your wallet address here:
    NOTE: Don't have wallet address? Learn how to create one!
  3. Once you've entered the correct Wallet Address, click on the "Generate" button. Wait for the procedure to finish!
  4. Once the procedure finishes, if all iss good, you will receive a "Success" message. But, it's not over yet! Bitcoin requires mining transaction fees to verify and complete the transaction.
  5. Pay the small mining transaction fee! Each transaction requires 3/3 confirmations, but you only pay once.
    NOTE: Don't know how to make the payment with mobile fast? Read this!
  6. With completing the verification process, you've completed the whole procedure. Your Bitcoins will then be added to your Bitcoin wallet address instantly. That's it!

Good luck with the coins. This Bitcoin Generator is free to use, but can be used once a day. We support Blockchain accounts, they are the most easy to create and payments are made fast, by using their mobile app.